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Worst Boyfriend Of All Time …

In Puck-Catching Incident

2/21/2019 9:08 AM PST

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Nobody in the history of dating has ever screwed up THIS badly …

A man at a Colorado Avalanche game elbowed his girlfriend in the head trying to catch a puck … and then gave the souvenir to another woman — and his GF was PISSSSSEEDDD!!!!

It all went down at the Avs-Jets game in Denver on Wednesday night … when Colorado star Gabriel Landeskog flipped a puck in the stands to give fans a shot at some memorabilia.

That’s when a guy committed the ultimate dating foul — not only catching his GF with a flying ‘bow … but GIVING AWAY the prize to another woman!!

His date could not have been any less pleased with him … but there was some good news — the Avs went on to win 7-1!!

The bad news?? We’re pretty sure that dude slept alone last night … and will probably keep doing so for the next few nights too.

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