Ben Affleck

Quits Batman Role …

With Epic Shout-Out To Tom Brady!!!

2/15/2019 9:05 AM PST

Breaking News

Did you know Ben Affleck made Warner Bros. stitch the No. 12 into his Batman costume during his entire run as the superhero as an ode to Tom Brady?!?

Neither did we … ’cause it ain’t true — but Affleck joked it was Thursday on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ … and the TB12 shout out was hilarious!!!

Ben spoke with Kimmel on the late-night talk show and officially retired forever from playing The Dark Knight … and to commemorate the moment — Jimmy said they’d hang his costume in the rafters.

Guillermo — Jimmy’s ultra funny companion on the show — brought out the bat costume (in his own Robin outfit) … when suddenly it was revealed the cape had “Batfleck 12” inscribed on it!!!

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