Bill Belichick

Boat Gets Makeover

… ‘VIII Rings’ Baby!!!

2/11/2019 2:46 PM PST

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Everything associated with the New England Patriots is getting another Super Bowl ring … including Bill Belichick‘s famous boat!!!

ICYMI … Bill’s owned a little fishing vessel for years — and it’s always been named after the number of Super Bowl rings he’s accumulated.

So … yeah, the thing’s undergone new paint jobs A LOT.

It didn’t take long for Bill to update it once again after the Pats’ win over the Rams … ’cause 8 days after SB53, it was spotted on the docks with a new name — “VIII Rings”!!!

Of course, Bill won two Super Bowls with the Giants as an assistant under Bill Parcells in 1987 and 1991 … and he’s now got SIX as head man of the Pats.

BTW … The Hoody definitely knows how to get down on a boat … remember when he took this epic nap on the water with his smokin’ hot GF in 2017??

The Pats just don’t lose!

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