Brooklyn Nets

Double Down on Biggie Jerseys

Despite Coogi Lawsuit

3/1/2019 7:14 AM PST

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The Brooklyn Nets are completely unfazed by the lawsuit over their Notorious B.I.G.-themed jerseys … ’cause the team’s rockin’ the threads on Friday, despite Coogi taking legal action.

We broke the story … Biggie’s favorite sweater brand claims no one from the team or the NBA or Nike ever got permission to use the iconic pattern … and called for the league to stop selling the “Brooklyn Camo” jerseys.

The Nets don’t seem to care one bit … announcing the team will be honoring the rap legend in the special jerseys when they take the court Friday against the Charlotte Hornets.

Coogi claims they have copyrights for their most famous designs — called “Pea Soup” and “Ricotta” — and they feel the Nets straight swiped their swag.

A rep for the NBA told the New York Times, “There is no merit whatsoever to their claims.”

Of course, jersey selections can be made months in advance — especially for certain tribute nights … but the decision to stick with the Biggie alternates proves the Nets ain’t sweatin’ a legal battle with Coogi.

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