Conor McGregor

Cried After 1st Pro MMA Loss

Opponent Explains Why …

9/22/2018 12:20 AM PDT


Conor McGregor wasn’t always a monster in the cage — he tapped out in his 3rd-ever MMA fight and wept in the cage … but his opponent says the dude is FAR from a cry baby. 

We spoke with Artemij Sitenkov — the very first man to make Conor tap back in 2008 after putting the Irishman in a leg lock during a Cage of Truth fighting event in Dublin. 

“He was 19 years old … and it was his first defeat, so yeah, he was emotional.”

You can see in footage from the event, Conor was shocked after the match — sitting on the cage floor in disbelief. 

But, Artemij says the tears don’t make him any less of a man — explaining, “When I was a kid and I lost my first fight, I was also crying. It’s natural.”

Conor’s a different fighter now, according to Artemij — “I didn’t beat superstar McGregor. I beat teenager McGregor.”

Artemij is still very involved in MMA — he currently coaches young fighters … and gave us a prediction on the upcoming Conor vs. Khabib fight

Spoiler alert … might wanna get the tissues ready. 

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