David Faustino

‘All in’ for ‘Married with Children’

… Serious Reboot Talks

8/3/2018 10:19 AM PDT


David Faustino says the Bundys — just like the Conners — might be returning to television soon. You better believe it, Bud!!

We got Al and Peg’s youngest son out in WeHo Thursday and asked if a “Married with Children” reboot was going to happen. According to Dave … the cast is all about it! As he put it, they’re “all in.”

Don’t set your DVR just yet … he also told us there’s some red tape to cut through. But, he’s definitely saying there’s a chance. It would be awesome to see the whole gang back together — assuming Ed O’Neill can juggle 2 TV families.

The only bummer would be Buck the Dog, who died in 1995. But we’re down for Ghost Buck!


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