Dr. Phil

Shaving His Stache

… Best April Fools’ Joke?!?

4/1/2019 1:06 PM PDT

Dr. Phil‘s upper lip is as bald as the top of his head now — he’s kissed his iconic mustache goodbye … or at least it looks like he has. 

The good doc’s showed off his apparently clean-shaven mug on Twitter, posting before-and-after pics that are sure to drive his fans wild. While the new look seems totally legit at first glance … we gotta take April 1 into account.

Tom Brady already used the social media platform to stage a fake retirement announcement.

Of course, if Phil is just yanking our chains with another April Fools’ joke, he’s really going ALL in with shaving cream, razors, a bib and some makeup magic … but hey, maybe he’s just doing a little spring cleaning.

Worth noting — he didn’t post any video of the slaying of his mustache, which makes us suspect.

If you’re already missing Dr. Phil’s old look, chill … it’ll grow back … if it’s even really gone.

In the meantime, enjoy the baby face.

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