Rev. Jesse Jackson

Nobody Hated Tebow for Taking Knee

… So Why Kaep?

9/12/2018 9:56 AM PDT


Rev. Jesse Jackson has a message for all the Colin Kaepernick haters — Tim Tebow took a knee too … and nobody had a problem with that! 

We got Jesse leaving Reagan International Airport this week when he used the ex-Heisman Trophy winner to explain what he believes is the hypocrisy surrounding the outrage directed at Kaepernick. 

“It’s interesting that when Tim Tebow took a knee, it was accepted,” Jesse tells TMZ Sports.

“Kaepernick takes a knee and he’s rejected. Both of them took a knee in protest of what they believed in. One was religion. One was for justice. OK.”

Remember … Tim used to take knees prior to every game — albeit not DURING the national anthem — and it was so widely praised, a social media meme came of it.

Clearly — Jesse thinks Kaep deserves the same treatment.

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