King Cake Baby Creator

‘Happy Death Day’ Stole My Face …

It’s Lawsuit Time!!!

2/12/2019 3:01 PM PST

Breaking News

The guy who created that freaky King Cake Baby character — the New Orleans Pelicans mascot — claims the movie “Happy Death Day” jacked his freaky face … and now he’s suing to get revenge. 

The man behind the suit is Jonathan Bertuccelli — an artist who created the intentionally weird looking mascot back in 2009. It’s been seen everywhere from NBA games to Mardi Gras and even “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

In his suit, Bertuccelli claims he was shocked when he saw the killer in the movie “Happy Death Day” and the upcoming sequel “Happy Death Day 2U” wore a mask that looked just like his KCB mask. 

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