New England Patriots

Team Plane Gets More Smug

5/17/2019 1:20 PM PDT

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Sick of seeing Tom Brady flash his SIX Super Bowl rings on land? Well, you’re gonna hate the new Patriots’ team plane paint job! 

The NFL’s most dominant organization just freshened up their official team jet — touting their 6th NFL title after crushing the L.A. Rams in Super Bowl LII back in February. 

The team also added the 6th Lombardi Trophy to the tail of the plane — but there’s a HUGE problem … it’s missing the DENT that Rob Gronkowski inflicted on the hardware last month.

Remember, Gronk used the trophy as a baseball bat during some hitting practice before the Red Sox game at Fenway Park … and when he squared to bunt, the baseball left a sizable dent. 

The team jet isn’t the only vehicle that got more smug after the Super Bowl — Bill Belichick already renamed his personal boat, “VIII Rings” … to reflect the 8 NFL championships he’s won during his career. 

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