Pro Cyclist

Slaps The Hell Out Of Fan …

Tripped Him During Race!

6/3/2019 7:54 AM PDT

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A pro bicycle rider slapped the living hell out of a fan during a big race this weekend … hitting the guy multiple times — and then knocking the hat right off his head!!!

It all went down during the Giro d’Italia race in Italy on Saturday … when a spectator who was running alongside riders tripped up and accidentally knocked into Miguel Ángel López‘s bike.

The Colombian cyclist was thrown from his ride … and in response — he went OFF on the fan!!!

Lopez slapped the guy in the head a few times … and then knocked his cap straight off his dome.

Lopez apologized for the incident after the stage, but also blamed the fan, saying, “I’m sorry for what happened. I was full of pure adrenaline. But there needs to be more respect for the cyclists.”

As for the race, Lopez clearly wasn’t fazed by the altercation … he finished 7th overall.

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