Sean McVay

GF Rocks Tiny Bikini

… While Rams Practice

8/14/2018 7:02 AM PDT

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Wanna know the best part about Rams training camp being at UC Irvine?? You’re lookin’ at it.

Here’s Veronika Khomyn — the smokin’ hot girlfriend of L.A. Rams head coach Sean McVay — finding ways to pass the time while her man figures out ways to get Todd Gurley into the end zone. 

The team’s training camp facilities are just a few miles from Laguna Beach (yeah, where they shot that MTV reality show back in the day) … so Veronika decided to throw on her bikini and catch some rays. 

Some background on Veronika — she’s a 28-year-old Ukranian model who started dating McVay back when he was an assistant coach with the Washington Redskins. 

The two moved out to California together when he got hired for the Rams job — and judging by these pics, she’s loving the move. 

So are we. 

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