Floyd Mayweather is a ‘F**k N***a’

For Dropping $$$$ at Gucci

2/14/2019 3:14 PM PST

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T.I. is ripping Floyd Mayweather a new one with a blistering diss track where he calls the boxing champ a “f**k n**ga” for continuing to spend his millions at Gucci.

Tip dropped the song Thursday and, while he never mentions Floyd by name, the cover art shows Floyd with a mocked-up drawing of the infamous Gucci sweater that sparked the boycott. In the song, T.I. says, “Old greedy ass n***a only thinking about his self … he get the fame, he get the wealth … ya, people are struggling, who did you help?”

He also says, “Damn, it must suck to be a f**k n***a.”

T.I. — who’s been leading the charge to boycott Gucci — is clearly responding to the video TMZ Sports got of Floyd on Monday night as he dropped a bundle of cash at Gucci in Bev Hills.

Floyd told us he didn’t give a crap about any boycott and said, “I’m not no follower, I do what the f**k I wanna do,”

Floyd and T.I. already hated each other — their beef goes back years to when they came to blows in Vegas.

T.I.’s track — entitled “F**k N***a” — is on iTunes and Apple Music. Hot beef, anyone?

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