The Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall

Still Hanging with Blonde Chick …

Yep, the One on Security Cam

3/16/2018 7:01 AM PDT

Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers ain’t letting a little cheating ruin his game — then again, it’s easy to spit game when you stick with the chick with whom ya got caught cheating.

Alex was out with this blonde bombshell Wednesday night in Hollywood … just 2 months after his ex, Tori Woodward, brutally exposed him as a cheat by posting video showing him kissing the other woman.

She’s way less grainy now, seen through a regular camera lens, but this IS the blonde from that surveillance video. Same dark roots, petite frame and a tad shorter than Alex. What we don’t know is if they’re dating exclusively, but clearly … they’re at least exploring their options.

If he’s sticking with his former side piece … Alex’s comment to us a few weeks back is interesting  — Tori deserves a better guy than him — kind of like, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

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