Tom Brady

I’m Not Talking Trump …

‘Next Question’

2/7/2019 10:50 AM PST

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Tom Brady‘s not giving up any clues as to whether he’ll visit President Trump at the White House with his teammates … not any verbal clues, anyway.

A reporter from NBC asked Brady point blank Thursday morning if he plans to go to DC. Tom paused, looked at the crowd gathered at a Gillette event and simply said, “Next question.”

So, if Tommy Terrific isn’t gonna say anything … his body language might have. He definitely seemed frustrated by the reporter’s question — even though he had to know it was coming. 

Remember, Tom passed on the White House visit back in 2017 after he and Trump — who were previously famous buddies — had a falling out. 

Back then, Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, was very vocal about her dislike of Trump and his policies. Brady even admitted after the 2016 election that Gisele had put the kibosh on his politics talk.

Although Brady didn’t answer today … sources tell us Gisele’s position, if anything, has hardened against Trump since 2017.

We think you just saw the end result of that position — Tommy ain’t talking.

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