Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence

Sorry For Violent Shove On Court

… ‘Probably Unnecessary’

2/19/2019 10:23 AM PST

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Clemson superstar QB Trevor Lawrence says he’s sorry for shoving a fellow student to the ground during a heated intramural hoops game … admitting it was “probably unnecessary.”

Of course, 19-year-old Lawrence — 6’6″, 215 pounds — just wrapped an unreal season, leading Clemson football to another national title. But, he found trouble on the basketball court this week when he got into an altercation with a fellow student who was trying to set a screen.

The student set the pick on Trevor some 80 feet from the basket … but Lawrence clearly took issue with the move and pushed the guy hard, TWICE … sending him flying to the ground.

Lawrence was definitely the aggressor — but in a comment on social media, the QB implied the other guy had it coming for running his mouth during the game. 

“He wanted to talk the whole game lol… still probably unnecessary. Sorry folks.”

Lawrence has since deleted the comment … probably ’cause Dabo Swinney HATED every second of the incident.

Clemson has not issued an official comment on the situation. Unclear if Lawrence will face any disciplinary action. 

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