Sean McVay’s GF

Tiny Bikini In Paradise …

No Super Bowl Blues Here!

2/18/2019 7:05 AM PST

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How’s Sean McVay getting over the Rams’ devastating Super Bowl loss to the Patriots??

You’re looking at it … and we gotta say — it’s getting tough to feel bad for the L.A. head coach now.

McVay and his smokin’ hot GF, Veronika Khomyn, hit up what appears to be Hawaii (for the second offseason in a row) … and seems she’s helpin’ him get through his dark times.

There’s a tiny bikini … a pool … the Pacific Ocean … and shining sun.

Yeah, what Super Bowl L?????

The two have been mostly hangin’ poolside in paradise … but don’t worry, Rams fans — Veronika said last week she was havin’ a hard time getting McVay to stop studying plays on his iPad!!!

The trip to the islands seems to be an annual thing for these guys … last year, they were in Maui to get over McVay’s first-ever playoff loss with the Rams.

If ya need a reminder of how Veronika helped back then … you’re welcome.

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