Vladimir Putin

Flips Out w/ Russian Judo Babe

2/15/2019 6:57 AM PST

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Russian president Vladimir Putin hit the Judo mats in Russia on Thursday to train for more than an HOUR — and if you took one look at his training partner, it’s obvious why.

Russian officials told media 66-year-old Putin trained with 2016 Olympic bronze medal winner Natalia Kuzyutina during a session in Sochi. They trained for an hour and officials insist Vladdy’s “in very good physical shape.” 

By the way, Kuzyutina is a total babe — besides being a world-class athlete, she also does some bikini modeling … and yeah, DAMN. 

The very next day, Putin continued his public display of fitness — strapping on his skates and hitting the ice for a hockey workout at Shayna Arena in Sochi. No Kuzyutina this time. 

Of course, Putin wore the captain’s jersey — and probably scored about 73 goals … per usual. 

Putin’s public display of fitness comes just hours after Trump‘s doctor released the results of his physical to the media showing POTUS is officially clinically obese (he’s 6’3″, 243 pounds). 

So, the whole thing could be an “I’m in better shape than YOU” message to the commander-in-chief. 

As for Trump, he’s not exactly a slouch — dude has good blood pressure (118/80) and his resting heart rate is healthy too (70 beats per minute). 

He also loves to golf

So, we gotta ask … 

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