Zion Williamson

Rocks Nike Shoes at L.A. Workout

… Done Deal?!?

5/31/2019 12:20 AM PDT


Did Nike just win the Zion Williamson shoe wars!?? Judging by this video we just got of the projected #1 overall pick … it seems they Just Did It.

Check out this footage of Zion working out at a Los Angeles gym on Thursday. Pay attention to his feet.

ZW’s wearing the Nike Kyrie 4s. VERY interesting … considering EVERY major shoe company is looking to sign the ex-Duke superstar to the biggest rookie shoe endorsement deal since LeBron James.

In fact, ex-NBA star Jay Williams and shoe legend Sonny Vaccaro told us they wouldn’t be surprised if a company shelled out $100 MILLION for Zion! 

Now, Zion rocked Nikes in college — but only because Duke had an endorsement deal with the Swoosh. 

But, there was speculation he could switch to another company after his NCAA career was over because of that February incident when his Nike PG 2.5s busted open during the first minute of the UNC game.

Zion suffered a right knee strain during the shoe explosion … and many wondered if he would bail for Adidas, Puma or even New Balance (hey, Kawhi Leonard did it).

However, Nike clearly has the advantage since Zion wore the Kyrie 4s multiple times in college … and obviously likes them enough to wear them when he doesn’t have to. 

Earlier in the day, it was announced that Zion officially signed on with the CAA talent agency — so we’re guessing a shoe deal is the next domino to fall.

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